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    A claiming race is a race in which every horse running can be “claimed” or purchased after the race. 
    It is open to current owners, new owners or those getting back in the sport. It is a simple, quick and easy way to purchase a racehorse that is ready to run straight away.

    Follow the simple 10 steps below that outline how the claiming process works. 

  • Every horse in a claiming race is available to be purchased after the race, with the price of each horse listed on the racecard.  The horse can never be purchased for more or less than this price.

  • Any horse declared for a Claiming Race must be available for inspection at its training stables at any reasonable time prior to the race. During this time the passport should be available for inspection. 

  • Claims should be made by telephone by calling Horse Racing Ireland on +353 (0)45 455444 not more than ten minutes after the “Winner All Right” announcement.  

  • Only one claim can be lodged per person meaning that no one person can lodge multiple claims. As well as this, at the time of lodging the claim, the proposed racehorse trainer must also be stated.

  • Upon receipt of a number of eligible claims, the on-track Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board official will draw at random the successful claim.

  • The successful claim can be paid through the claimants’ Horse Racing Ireland account (bar riders’ accounts) or with a debit or credit card payment.

  • In the event of winning prize-money, the original owner of the horse will retain the full prize due. As well as this, the original owner is liable for the full cost of running in the race e.g. entry and riders' fees.

  • Once successfully announced as the claimant, the horse is immediately under the care and responsibility of the new owner; that includes arranging transport from the racecourse. 

  • All claims are subject to the full regulations that can be found HERE

  • The dates and conditions of future claiming races can be found HERE


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