Ticketing Information


Owner Association of Irish Racecourses (AIR) Cards: 

All registered owners are issued AIR cards. AIR cards permit racecourse access the day you have a runner and are used to access owner privileges on course such as complimentary lunch, access to owners rooms etc. 

Owners must have a valid card to gain entry the day their horse runs. If you misplace your card please call AIR directly for a replacement on +353 (0) 1 676 0911. You can give your cards to a guest or if you wish to send a representative racing in your place and they do not have your cards you can nominate your representative in advance. Please see the owner representative section for details.   

Guest Tickets:  

Owners are also permitted to guest tickets when they have a runner. 

Please see the AIR card and guest ticket allocation by owner type below: 

  • Sole Owners: 4 AIR Cards plus an additional 4 Guest Admission Tickets 
  • 1st Named Partner: 4 AIR Cards plus an additional 4 Guest Admission Tickets 
  • 2nd, 3rd & 4th Named Partner: 2 AIR Cards plus an additional 2 Guest Admission Tickets 
  • Club: 4 AIR cards plus an additional 16 Guest Admission Tickets 
  • Syndicate: 4 AIR cards plus an additional admission for every member of the syndicate registered with HRI. Capped at 16 additional guest admissions

Multiple Owner Example

If you have 7 listed in your syndicate you are entitled to use your 4 AIR cards and request 3 additional admissions. If you have 20 listed in your syndicate you are entitled to use your 4 AIR cards and request 16 additional admissions. 


If you have misplaced your AIR (Association of Irish Racecourses)cards and wish to race at an up and coming meeting or you would like to send a representative racing in your place you can request this in advance of a meeting. To request AIR Representative Tickets click here.   

AIR Representative Request Deadlines

  • Week Day Racing Deadline: 12 noon the day before the meeting.  
  • Weekend / Bank Holiday Racing: 12 noon the Friday before the meeting. 
  • Please see your declaration email for Deadlines and Entitlements

Please request replacement AIR cards from the AIR as soon as possible by calling 353 (0)1 676 0911


Racecourses offer complimentary guest admission tickets to all owners.  

How Many Guests Tickets Am I Entitled to? 

The number of guest tickets an owner is entitled to is listed on your declaration email. Please also see the entitlement for each owner group below.

Do I need to pre-order guest tickets? 

No, you do not need to pre order guest tickets.  

How do my guests get their guest tickets?

Owner guests need to give their name, the owner name and horses name at the AIR desk to receive complimentary admission tickets. 

What do guest tickets entitle me to? 

Guest admission allows entry to the racecourse and space allowing into the parade ring. They do not offer owner privileges or entry to owner lounges.

Can I buy extra badges over my allocation 

Yes, to purchase extra tickets over and above the allocation please contact the racecourse directly for details and discounts. 

Important Information 

We ask all agents and owners to ensure their co-owners and guests know their ticket entitlement before arriving at the racecourse. Once the ticket allocation has been used no more tickets will be issued for that owner group.


AIR cardholders are granted Owner Privileges (i.e. complimentary refreshments) when they have a runner. The number and extent of the owner privileges vary depending on the racecourse facilities.

For information on owner privileges offered please refer to the email sent to you at Declaration Stage