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  • Racing Colours

    Selecting your racing colours is one of the most enjoyable aspects of becoming a racehorse owner. There are eighteen basic colours to choose from and these can be used in conjunction with twenty seven jacket and nine cap designs. Only when the colours are officially registered with Horse Racing Ireland can the colours be produced.

    Horse Racing Ireland can then provide contact details for suppliers if required. Colours can be registered annually, for five years, for ten years or for life. If you do cancel your colours they will become available for potential use by other registered owners. 

    So go ahead and design your preferred colours on the app below and see if they are available for use.

Colours Available
Colours Not Available
  • Jacket

    Jacket Colour

    Jacket Design

    Design Colour

  • Sleeves

    Sleeve Colour

    Sleeve Design

    Design Colour

  • Cap

    Cap Colour

    Cap Design

    Design Colour

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