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  • Owner AIR Cards

    All registered owners are issued AIR cards. AIR cards permit access the day you have a runner. Please see the AIR card allocation by owner type below. Owners must have a valid card to gain entry the day their horse runs. 


  • Owner Representatives AIR Requests

    If you have misplaced your AIR cards and wish to race at an up and coming meeting or you would like to send a representative racing in your place click here.   


    Please request replacement AIR cards from the AIR as soon as possible. AIR on 353 (0)1 676 0911

  • Owner Privileges

    AIR cardholders are granted Owner Privileges (i.e. complimentary refreshments) when they have a runner. The number and extent of the owner privileges vary depending on the racecourse facilities.

    For information on owner privileges offered please refer to the email sent to you at Declaration Stage.  

  • Guest Ticket Requests

    Each racecourse provides complimentary guest admission for owners with runners. Guest admission tickets allow entry to the racecourse. They do not offer owner privileges.


    To request guest admission ticketsclick here.

  • Ticket Request Deadlines & Allocation

    All ticket requests must be done in advance of the meeting & deadlines. Ticket requests cannot be processed after the deadline. Requests are only valid should you horse be a declared runner.


    RacedayTicket Request Deadline 
     Monday Racing No later than 11am Sunday 
     Tuesday – Friday Racing  No later than 11am the day before racing 
     Saturday & Sunday  No later than 11am Friday 


    Deadlines are final – late requests will not be processed



    Tickets and passes table

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