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    Once registered with Horse Racing Ireland, each owner has various charges go through their ownership account. Owners have access to the RÁS online system that acts much in the same way as a personal online banking system does. Through RÁS, owners can view all transactions processed through their Horse Racing Ireland Owners' Account with the ability to search historical records or print off statements etc. For further information on the RÁS system please contact Client Accounts on +353 (0)45 455444

    Below are some general charges or fees owners can expect to pay as their time as an owner. Some of these will be processed through their Horse Racing Ireland Owners' Account. 

  • At the time of registration with Horse Racing Ireland, a minimum lodgement of €500 (€1,000 for clubs & companies) is required to keep a working balance in the account This covers the registration fees as well as future charges such as:

     Initial Registration FeesGenerally between €80 - €120 
     Naming A Horse€125 
     Entry & Declaration ChargesGenerally 0.9% of race value 
     Rider Fees  €175 (Flat) and €200 (National Hunt)

    Racehorse owners have access to the online RÁS system that acts in a similar way to a personal online banking system. Owners can manage and view all transactions on – this is a free service and full information can be obtained from the Client Accounts team on +353 (0)45 455444.

    In the event of prize-money being won, all such funds are lodged directly into the owner's Horse Racing Ireland Account. However, to allow for routine testing, these funds are only available for withdrawal seventeen days from the winning race-day. To withdraw these funds, each owner must have registered their own banking details with Horse Racing Ireland - this registration requires submitting a header of their bank statement that clearly displays their name, IBAN and account number. Owners generally provide all this information at the time of their actual Owner Registration. 

    The registration charges have been reduced by over 30% by Horse Racing Ireland in recent years. A full list of the Registration fees can be viewed here, some of which will not relate to every owner:

    Racehorse trainer fees vary considerably from trainer to trainer depending on any number of factors. Daily rates can on average range from €45-€60 per horse which would include some well-known and proven trainers. The average monthly fee to train a horse in Ireland is €1700 a month including training fees, basic veterinary and transport. We advise however asking your trainer for a full breakdown of costs before entering an agreement. Details on trainers can be found in our Racehorse Trainer Section.

    Entry and declaration fees vary depending on the race type, but a general guide to the cost of running in a race is:

     Entry Fee 0.8% of total race value
     Declaration Fee 0.2% of total race value
     Bookage Fee €12.50 per race
     #Jockey Fee Per Race €175 Flat Ride/€200 National Hunt Ride

     **Higher charges apply for pattern, group and listed races.
     #Subject to VAT 13.5% if the jockey is VAT registered

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