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  • What is a Club?

    A club is an unlimited group of people. Horse(s) will race under the club name and carry the club colours.

    A club has two agents responsible for administration and management.

    All clubs are required to have a club agreement and code of conduct. A copy should be issued to all club members.

    View our video guidance to find out more


    • How many shares and members will the club have?
    • Is the club for commercial purposes?
    • What is the membership fee and payment structure?
    • How are decisions to be made within the club?
    • The sale and acquisition of horses
    • A Code Of Conduct template can be viewed HERE


    be sure to follow the checklist on the registration form

    • Form G should be completed in full.
    • Return all forms with a photocopy of both agents passport/drivers licence that confirms the name, address, date of birth & signature submitted on the form.
    • It takes two working days to open a new account from when all paperwork and funds are lodged correctly.
    • Remember it is HRI policy that a Code of Conduct must be in place and signed by all members.
    • Return completed form and ID to [email protected]


    Initial Lodgement



    Authority To Act

    Annual Charge



    Annual Charge


    Remaining Working Balance


    The remaining working balance should generally cover the cost of your first run on the track e.g. entry fees, jockey fee etc.


    The Registration form requests the details of the club’s bank account. This bank account is used to transfer funds to and from the club’s HRI Account. To verify the club’s bank account, the agents must submit a copy of the bank statement header confirming the account name, address and IBAN number.


    Once registered, the club will have a HRI Owners account opened to facilitate all debits and credits (prize money, entry fees, etc.). The club agent’s will have access to this account. Access this account online via the RAS System – this is similar to online banking, allowing you to make lodgements, withdrawals and to view statements.

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