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  • Raceday Health Screening

    All race day attendees must follow government and HSE guidelines. If not already done, Owners must pre- register on the IHRB screening website and apply for race day access each time they have a runner. 

    Should you fail to complete online health screening by the 11pm deadline, you will not be permitted to attend the race meeting. Unfortunately, there can be no exceptions.  


    1. First Time Registration: Owners, not previously registered on the IHRB Health Screening System, must register details to activate an account on the IHRB Health Screening system.
      Please note if you registered with the IHRB to attend a race meeting in 2020 your registration will still be valid.

    2. Daily Race Day Application: needs to be completed the day before each race meeting you are due to attend. 
    • Choose Your Option


      Applicable to Any Owners not previously registered on the IHRB Health Screening System.


      • Any attendee who has not previously registered on the IHRB Health Screening System will need to create an account. 

      • If you have a smart phone download the IHRB-Health Screening app IHRB Racecourse Access Pass & hit register button

      • If you do not have a smart phone the screening can also be carried out through the website

      • You will be required to provide contact details, upload a passport type photograph, and complete a short medical questionnaire. See video demonstrations guide VIEW HERE.
        NB: Each attendee (e.g. fellow owner, syndicate member, wife, husband etc.) must complete the online health screening and supply their own mobile number and email address (the same mobile number cannot be used twice as one barcode is sent per mobile number).

      Once registration has been completed successfully a message saying your application is in review will appear.
      You do not need to do anything else at this stage, your barcode for racing will be sent to the App and your email once approved

      Please note: first time registration will allow you access to racing the next day.  If you are registering in advance, please ignore barcode received and apply as usual the day before you are due to go racing




      For owners already registered on the system wishing to attend a race meeting.

      • All owners are encouraged to download the IHRB-Health Screening app to your smart phone IHRB Racecourse Access Pass.   This is new since September 2020.
      • Click on the Login button (not Register) and enter your email and password you registered with previously
        If you cannot remember your password, please use Password Reset option.

      • If your email address is not being accepted, please call the helpline to check the correct email address you registered with.

      • Owners must log into their account and complete health screening by no later than 11pm the day before they wish to attend.

      • Two admissions per owner will be permitted regardless of how many runners/horses the owner has racing. Children can attend but count towards the total admissions per owner.
      • ALL attendees will be required, without exception, to complete online health screening.
      • On completion of the health screening questionnaire a barcode, specific to you and the day you wish to attend, will be sent by email or can be accessed through the Racecourse Access Pass App 



        • You must bring your unique barcode along with your AIR Card & photo ID to the race meeting
        • The barcode will be available through the App on your phone or by email which you can print out
        • Each person must have their own specific barcode.
        • Please ensure it is the correct barcode for the correct meeting
        • Please VIEW HERE our general guide to the admission process on the racecourse.
        • The full Race day Owner Protocols can be viewed HERE.


      • Should you fail to complete online health screening by the 11pm deadline, you will not be permitted to attend the race meeting. Unfortunately, there can be no exceptions.  

        • For questions or help with the registration process please call the support line on 045 455 601

        • The help line is open 10am and 1pm Monday to Friday and between 10am and 1pm Weekends & Bank Holidays (the day before racing).


        • Patrons must have the correct AIR card and ID with them on arrival at the racecourse.

        • Each person attending must have the correct AIR card. To organise replacement or lost cards, please contact AIR immediately on 01-6760911.


        • If you cannot remember your password please select the 'Reset Password' option



        • Apple users have reported a blank screen occasionally when trying to open the App. In this case, the iOS version on your phone is not supported and we would advise use of the website



        • Google Chrome is the only supported internet browser.



        • All email addresses must be unique (email addresses cannot be shared between 2 individuals). 

        • Social distancing will apply as will face coverings for all attendees.
        • There will only be no indoor access for Owners.
        • There will be an owner briefing area on-course. Owners will not have access to the parade ring.
        • Winning owners can welcome their horse back into the winner enclosure and access the parade ring for the presentation.   

        • Outdoor refreshments will be available.  

        • Owners are welcome to stay on-course for the duration of the day.  

        • To view the full Race-day Owner Protocol CLICK HERE


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